Benefits and Obligations

  • Public


  • Uphold the good name of the Network
  • Comply with the network’s constitution
  • Perform all duties as assigned by the General Assembly or Executive Committee
  • Promote the objectives of UWASNET
  • Participate in the activities of the organizations such as attending meetings, providing information
  • Maintain dialogue with others and actively participate in working groups


  • Access to relevant sector information
  • Access to Information on Trainings and Funding opportunities
  • Advisory services
  • Opportunities for trainings and funding by UWASNET and its partners
  • Participation in thematic working groups
  • Free access to the secretariat’s Resource Center
  • Participation in key Sector workshops through the Secretariat
  • The satisfaction of being part of being part of a big concerted effort to achieve universal access to safe water and better sanitation & hygiene


UWASNET working groups are meant to stimulate dialogue on thematic sector issues, foster cooperation among sector stakeholders, enable members articulate and advance a common cause of sector interest and promote sharing of experiences and lessons. They also assist the secretariat in organizing training for members in areas of interest and concern.

The working groups are composed of 15-30 organizations with similar interests in particular sector issues. Membership to the working groups is open to all sector stakeholders.

The groups operate within UWASNET constitution and develop their own terms of reference and operation plan. The groups ensure:

  • Focus on issues of sector relevance and importance
  • Continuous reflection on crosscutting issues such as gender, environment, sustainability and advocacy
  • Effective participation

The Executive Committee ratifies the operational guidelines and approves the working groups, while the Secretariat assists in Co-ordination, Communication, documentation and dissemination of information raised within the groups.