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Best practices

Best (or good) practice collection and thematic fact briefs for the water and environment sector.

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Catchment protection and rehabilitationNGOs, Local Government, CommunitiesUWASNET2014-09-09
Deconcentration of government WRM functionsNGOs, Local GovernmentUWASNET2014-08-27
Water development in drylandsNGOs, Local Government, CommunitiesUWASNET2014-08-26
Fishery resources and aquacultureNGOs, Local Government, CommunitiesUWASNET2014-07-25
Water resource assessment & planningNGOs, Local Government, CommunitiesUWASNET2014-07-03
Payments for Watershed services (PWS)NGOs, Local Government, Private Sector, CommunitiesUWASNET2014-06-05
Productive wetlandsNGOs, Local Government, CommunitiesUWASNET2014-06-05
Indigenous tree planting for river-bank protectionNGOs, Communities, IndividualsTooro Botanical Gardens (TBG)2014-05-12
3Rs (retention, recharge & reuse) approach to catchment managementNGOs, Local Government, CommunitiesJoint Effort to Save the Environment (JESE)2014-05-12
Community engagement through mobile cinemaNGOs, CommunitiesKabarole Research and Resource Centre (KRC)2014-05-12
Serious games: Mpanga rivershed management gameNGOs, Local Government, CommunitiesMountains of the Moon University2014-05-12
Community Environment Conservation Fund (CECF)NGOs, CommunitiesIUCN-Lira (Uganda)2014-05-12
Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM)NGOs, Local GovernmentUWASNET2014-04-03
Interfacing IWRM, climate change and natural hazard risk managementNGOs, Local GovernmentUWASNET2014-04-02
Tree-planting for watershed managementNGOs, Local Government, CommunitiesUWASNET2014-03-28
Environmental Impact Assessments in the Water SectorNGOs, Private Sector, IndividualsUWASNET2014-03-27
Catchment Management OrganisationsNGOs, Local GovernmentUWASNET2014-03-27