UWASNET is the national umbrella organisation for all non-governmental organisations in the Water and Sanitation sub-sector in Uganda. UWASNET works under the sector wide approach (SWAP) to contribute to the national development plan of poverty eradication through improving access to safe water and improved sanitations of sanitation and hygiene for all people in Uganda working in partnership with the Ministry of Water and Environment, Development Partners, Private Sector, line Ministris and NGOs. 

Currently, UWASNET has a total of 261 member NGOs working in different parts of Uganda. As such, it coordinates their work with the efforts of the Ugandan Government at a national level and supports them through various other means.

These efforts are reflected on this website by offering a digital members directory, which allows each member to have their own section on this site, present their activities and have open and closed online discussion groups with (invited) members of this website.

Click on one of the letters below to browse out alphabetic members directory:




In addition the official CSO coordination bodies of UWASNET have their own sections on this site, namely the Regional Coordinators and the Thematic Working Groups. These online discussion are also "invite only", e.g. only staff from official member organisations and other identified key stakeholders should take part in these.

Open to the general public are the Focal Discussions and the District Discussions. The former are public discussion groups on various topics of relevance to professionals working in the WASH sector in Uganda (feel free to suggest additional topics), while the latter are a district specific discussion groups to allow for better local coordination and knowledge exchange.

Last but not least there are a few non-listed groups like those of the UWASNET secretariat, the UWASNET Board of Directors and the general technical support group any one can join to get help regarding the use of this website.