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By Rehema Aanyu 157 days ago

UWASNET with support from the Aus-tria Development Agency is creating awareness on water resources man-agement and proper sanitation in ten schools in Mbarara and Isingiro dis-tricts under a project titled, “Enhancing knowledge of the water resource and proper sanitation among school children in South Western Uganda.”
This is in partnership with Ministry of Water and Environment and ACORD, Regional Coordinator of UWASNET members in South Western region.
Under the project, UWASNET aims at strengthening partnerships for sus-tainable use of water resources in the Victoria Management Water Zones by bring primary schools on board.
Under the project, pupils, teachers and communities surrounding schools will be sensitized on water resources management and proper sanitation practices. Demonstrations on sustainable water and environ-ment resources management and improved sanitation will be installed in the project schools to facilitate learning & sharing of best practices.
River Rwizi is a major source of fresh water in Mbarara district and serves a total of ten (10) other districts and yet it remains heavily degraded.