Objectives and Mandate

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Our objectives:

  • To strengthen the collaboration between NGOs, CBOs other sector players, partners and government
  • To promote partnerships between NGOs and other sector stakeholders in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector
  • To strengthen co-ordination and networking among NGOs and CBOs at all levels
  • To contribute to the development and implementation of sector policies, strategies, standards and guidelines

Our mandate:

Strengthening Collaboration and Networking: UWASNET promotes collaboration, networking and information sharing among members the government, developement partners as well as other stakeholders in and out of the sector. The value of vibrant and well informed Civil Society Organisations has been a critical factor to the sucess of UWASNET's work. UWASNET continues to ensure that it strengthens collaboration and networking and sharing of sector relevant information and practices among its members at various levels.

Advocacy and Policy influence: UWASNET mobilises its members to act and provides a platform for collective voicing of WASH issues at local, national and international levels, with the strategy of influencing policy decisions on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene both locally and globally.

Promoting Partnerships: UWASNET recongnises that partnerships are important for effective influencing of sector goals and outcomes. The secretariat mobilises members to influence WASH policy decisions at different levels and provides a platform for membersfor collective voicing of WASH issues at local, national and international levels. This partnership is extended to other critical players like the developement partners, government bodies and departments as well as international institutions like Africa Civil Society Network on water and Sanitation (ANEW), Fresh Water Action Network (FAN Global) World Water Council (WWC) and Sanitation and Water for all (SWA).

Capacity Building: As a network, UWASNET is aware that its members have varying capacities in different WASH related areas. Its therefore the network's responsibility to see that capabilities of members are strengthened to enable them be effective in complimenting government efforts, monitoring and achieving WASH goals thereby ensuring effective service delivery in the sector.

Research and Developement: UWASNET members have been key in promoting appropriate technologies, approaches and best of practices in WASH. Its therefore the mandate of the network to document best of practices, sucess of these approaches, initiate further innovations and lobby government and developement partners for upscaling of approaches that have been proven to be relevant and working. AS WASH implementers, members are also expected to provide their expertise and contribute to increased innovation in the sector.

Learning and knowledge Management: UWASNET acts as a hub for information on WASH for members and other stakeholders in and out of the sector. A functional and fully fledged resource center is in place and accessible to all. UWASNET also has a functional website to ease the communication between members and providing information online.