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Become a member of UWASNET:

Membership to UWASNET is open to all Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) actively involved in the Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector and have operated for over 1 year, upon undergoing a physical audit, adopting the network’s constitution and paying of the membership fee and the subscription fee.

Membership is also open to legally recognized support agencies actively involved in the WASH sector, with similar objectives or committed to supporting UWASNET’s objectives. They can be represented by individuals mandated to act on its behalf. Types of members include: Local Community Based organizations (local CBO), Local Non-Governmental Organizations (local NGO) and International Non-Governmental Organizations (International NGO).

Requirements for becoming a member:

These are the documents your organization should deliver to UWASNET as part of the application process to become a member:

  1. Latest audited accounts
  2. Latest organizational progress report
  3. Latest annual report
  4. Constitution/memorandum of articles and association
  5. Registration certificate (from NGO Board)
  6. Recommendation from a UWASNET Regional Coordinator
  7. Recommendation from the District Water Office
  8. A filled UWASNET application form (can be obtained from our office)

Note: Items 6 and 7 are filled directly on the form.

The fees structure for the different types of members is shown below.

Type of member Membership Fee Annual Subscription fee
Local CBO $ 30 $ 15
Local NGO $ 60 $ 60
International NGO $ 120 $ 100

Note: The membership fee is paid once as entrance fee, while the subscription fee is the annual fee paid at the beginning of each financial, it’s subject to change by the Annual General Meeting based on recommendations by the Executive Committee. UWASNET’s financial year starts in 1st July to 30th June the next year.


Full membership:

This category of membership is open to NGOs, CBOs and Faith Based Organization that have been active in the water and sanitation sector for at least one year. The full members have voting/standing rights; the right to benefit from the services offered by the Network as well as participate in the organization’s activities, implement the organizations programmes for and on behalf of the UWASNET and participate in the deliberations of the organization through the annual general meetings.

Associate Membership:

For individuals and organizations, companies and institutions that support the objectives of UWASNET.

Honorary Membership:

This is meant for individuals and organizations with a potential to advance the cause of UWASNET. Based on the recommendation by the Executive Committee, the general assembly can confer the status of honorary member upon support bodies and agencies, which have rendered exceptional service to the organization. Honorary members shall attend meetings but have no right to voting rights.