Resource centre

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The UWASNET Resource center is a knowledge base that collects, repackages, documents information for all Civil Society Organizations in the Water and Environment sector in Uganda. It’s a one stop shop for all Civil Society information needs in the sector.


The UWASNET Resource center is in place to:

  • Equip stakeholders with timely knowledge and information on the WASH Sector
  • To establish and strengthen members resource centers
  • To provide capacity building opportunities to stakeholders for improved service delivery in knowledge and information
  • Provide networking among stakeholders for shared learning
  • Promote effective discussion and dialogue of key sector issues

Products & Services:

  • General information for the Water and Environment sector and non sector players
  • Documentation services & online services through UWASNET website
  • Repackaging and version information for specific groups of users
  • Anticipate information needs of stakeholders, from the researchers and planners to end users
  • Support and direct people where they can find relevant sector information
  • Collect and analyze information
  • Disseminates relevant information to members and other sector stakeholders
  • Produce fact sheets, manuals and field notes
  • NEW: Access internet for online research on our computers or with WiFi


The beneficiaries of UWASNET Resource center include Civil Society Organizations Local and central governments, private companies, the donor community, research centers, students, academic institutions, public libraries and international organizations.