Secretariat departments

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Executive Function:

The Executive Function of UWASNET is responsible for all the activities of the Secretariat, including its administration. It provides leadership at the secretariat, identifies issues of significance in the sector for the attention of the secretariat and other partners. Headed by the Executive Director, it provides management oversight and leadership to secretariat, directs the implementation of the secretariat’s activities decided by the Executive Board, oversees the organization’s work, promotes close links with UWASNET’s partners including government, Development partners, non-governmental organizations and private sector entities.The Executive Function also coordinates an extensive schedule of appointments and visits with the purpose of networking and co-ordinating the sector’s activities. The Department is assisted in the performance of its functions by the departmental functions.

Finance and administration:

  • Overseeing the financial & accounting activities of the secretariat
  • Budget Management to ensure compliance with organization and donor regulations
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Handling and managing funds (grants and sub-grants) for and on behalf of the organisation and the entire network as per approved plans and in accordance with provisions of the organization policies and manuals , donor regulations
  • Preparing (Quarterly and Annual) reports, work plans and budgets of the organisation and implement the same upon approval by the Executive Committee
  • Overseeing audit planning, result review & implementation of management letter points
  • Implementing human resource & administrative policies and structure
  • Directing the day-to-day activities and operations of the finance department
  • Working out job descriptions for support staff with the approval of the Executive Director
  • Updating and keeping in safe custody the Organization’s assets
  • This department also oversees the Accounts, Front office and Transport sub-functions

Liaison and Networking Officer:

  • Strengthening knowledge development and management capacity of NGO members
  • Establishing and implementing an information mechanism to process, manage and disseminate information (web-based information, newsletter, reports and publications, etc)
  • Developing communication strategy and implementation plan
  • Developing and implementing a communication and marketing strategy
  • Raising awareness raising about WASH initiatives.Maintaining good Public relations with stakeholders & Media
  • Harmonization of members activities
  • Collaborating and maintaining close contacts with strategic alliances, other appropriate networks, government offices, local governments, international Organizations and donors
  • This department also oversees the communications and resource center interns

Advocacy and policy influencing:

  • Developing evidence based advocacy materials
  • Establishing a mechanism for monitoring policy development
  • Developing key advocacy documents through Policy analysis
  • Developing advocacy strategy and implementation plan
  • Strengthening advocacy capacity of NGOs and staff
  • Promoting increased support for water and sanitation
  • Developing proposals /papers on amendments to national policies
  • Collaborating and maintaining close contacts with strategic alliances, other appropriate networks, government offices, local governments, international organisations and donors

Research and development:

The Research and Development / Water Engineering Department’s over all responsibilities at Uganda Water and Sanitation NGO Network’s comprise:

  • Promotion of appropriate technologies, approaches, best of practices and emerging issues, in the water and sanitation sector
  • Analysis of members needs for development and provide capacity building to support member organizations in Organization Development and other technical areas
  • Monitoring and evaluation of partner performance in provision of safe water and base on this to provide the necessary support for improvement
  • In collaboration with Policy Analyst ensure improved knowledge among partners on existing Government and sector priorities, policies, guidelines and institutional frameworks concerning equitable safe water provision for effective advocacy and implementation.