Management structures

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The Management of UWASNET basically rests with the Annual General Assembly (AGM),  The Board of Directors and the Secretariat as shown in the Organisational structure below.

UWASNET general structure

The Annual General Assembly (AGM): The supreme governing body of UWASNET is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) composed of all members of the network. The AGM holds a general assembly annually, during which it elects the Board of Directors (after a term of three years), to which it delegates regular governance responsibilities.

The  Board of Directors: Elected by the AGM, the  board oversees the activities carried out by the administrative organ of the Network, the secretariat. The composition of the board is 11 members composing of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasure and 9 members. UWASNET’s Executive Director is the secretary to the board. For the period 2011-2014, the following compose the Board of Directors:

  1. Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) (Chairperson)
  2. World Vision (Vice Chairperson)
  3. Water for People (Treasurer)
  4. Uganda Rain Water Association (URWA) (Member)
  5. Soroti Catholic Diocese Integrated Development Organisation (SOCADIDO) (Member)
  6. Centre for Governance and Economic Development (CEGED) (Member)
  7. Joint Effort to Save the Environment (JESE) (Member)
  8. Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) (Member)
  9. Kyetume Community Based Health Care Programme (Member)
  10. Plan Uganda (Member)
  11. Living Water International (LWI) (Member)

The Secretariat: UWASNET secretariat is responsible for the day to day running, operations and management of the organisation. The secretariat has 5 key departments with a total of technical staff and 2 support staff. Its headed by the Executive Director.

The departments include:

  • Executive Function
  • Finance and Administration
  • Communication and Documentation
  • Advocacy and Policy
  • Research and Developement

The monitoring and evaluation department is still vacant, however, M&E is embedded in all departmental functions.

UWASNET's administrative structure:

UWASNET secretariat organigram